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Information Security Jobs

Jobs in information security, cyber security and penetration testing

Welcome to Information Security Jobs, a unique specialist job board designed for candidates working within the Information Security Sector. Information Security Jobs is the perfect tool to search for Information Security career opportunities.

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What Is Information Security Jobs?

Information Security Jobs ensure the protection of information from unauthorised access. Information Security Jobs involve keeping data confidential and protects it from disruption, modification and destruction.

Information Security Jobs classifications are labelled in varying ways depending on the organisation. In the business sector, Information Security labels may be: Public, Sensitive, Private, and Confidential, whilst the Government Sector may label Information Security as: Unclassified, Sensitive, Restricted, Confidential, Top Secret. Job classifications within the Information Security sector include: Cyber Security Jobs, Information Assurance Jobs, Penetration Testing Jobs/Ethical Hacking Jobs, CLAS Consulting Jobs, Check Consulting Jobs, Systems Analysis Jobs, Policy and Strategy Jobs, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Jobs.

Information Assurance is a sector within Information Security. It is concerned with the protection of information systems.

CHECK consultants are professionals who have Information Security Jobs and hold a CHECK certification. CHECK is a rigorous certification process, solely concentrating on infrastructure testing.

CLAS consultants are professionals who have Information Security Jobs and have been assessed and approved by CESG to advise the UK government on systems, marked up to secret.

Information Security Jobs is a specialist job board and the job vacancies which are posted on InformationSecurityJobs.co.uk originate with public and private sector organisations .

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